Innovating the Future Trends

Young adults of the millennial generation tend to have an extremely unique perspective. This means that they are likely to build on various engineering trends. Millennials are people who were born between the years of 1982 and 1996. They have characteristics of being good team workers, confident, and wanting to work hard at jobs that are meaningful.

This is currently the largest generation that is in the workforce in America. Millennials are flooding into cities to work and live. They have played a large role in changing how metro centers are designed. These individuals also tend to have concern over the environment and want to work hard to clean it up in a sustainable way. They have embraced innovative ways in which to accomplish engineering tasks. This is something that is quite different than other generations.

Crowdsourcing Work

Crowdsourcing is used a great deal today for software development projects. This is used for the purpose of collecting and testing alternative designs for user interfaces. Also, it is ideal to fix bugs in this manner. Crowdsourcing is a method that allows engineer teams to gather up information for their projects and individual tasks, by employing numerous people to provide services, typically over the internet. This either can be paid or unpaid work. One specific example of this is the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform.



Retailers are able to learn about demographic trends in general via the Internet of Things. They also can design experiences for certain customers or groups of customers. Every single sales associate for Burberry uses an iPad that gives them each customer’s unique buying preferences and habits. All of the store’s items has an RFID chip, which can interact with the sales floor mirrors in order to display information about the product.



Millennials especially enjoy when they can conduct their transactions with very little effort. They understand that companies are working with technology that allows them to make customers’ experiences rather seamless. Mobility is an important part of this equation. Technology may be unappealing on its surface, but if it lets individuals have the opportunity to interact with services and products, it is ideal. The Krispy Kreme app is both practical and fun, so it is the perfect example of an app hat is made for the new generation.