Ideas in Choosing Materials for Your House

Building a house isn’t what it used to be. You don’t just grab what’s available and choose your colors, you now have many decisions to make that include materials and lifestyle as part of the engineering process.

Natural or engineered?


Do you want your construction material to consist primarily of all-natural material, or engineered material? What this means can be measured by the differences between whole foods and processed foods. Would you rather go with pure materials, such as wood or stone, or do you favor the idea of engineered products, which are often composite materials bonded together. Some construction materials require composite materials, but you can decide whether to go pure or processed. Certainly the price-point between the two might be a factor, but this is a decision that you have the power to make. Do you care about how certain building material impact certain communities or parts of the world? If you’re curious and feel that you need to be a steward, then do the research and come up with.

Durability is Key
Some material can stand on its own for many years, while other material needs more TLC and maintenance. If you think about the thicknesses of hardwood floors, you’ll come to the realization that a thicker floorboard will last a lot longer than a thinner floorboard. Types of siding might require more paint or surface treatment than others. Make the tough choices on which products will last the longest and try to go with those wherever possible. Certainly, price-point becomes a factor again, but where you can make a difference in longevity is a good choice to make.

house design

Do you care about recyclables?
There are often some fantastic ideas in design and manufacturing of recyclable materials that will not only beautify a newly constructed home, but will provide a lasting impression as well. It’s always an option to look for recyclable or reusable pieces to complement a home construction, such as old recycled doors, bricks, beams or even things like counters or cabinets or railings. There’s much to consider instead of deciding on the cookie-cutter new-home furnishings you can add an incredible touch and you don’t need to be a staunch environmentalist to enjoy these treasures.