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Advance Home Technology

If you aren’t familiar with these practical home technology advances, you probably will be soon.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The Ecovacs Deebot D77 is just one of the latest robot vacuum cleaners to hit the market. It allows you to schedule a cleaning session when you aren’t home, and can empty its own dustbin.

Clocky Robotic Alarm

If you routinely oversleep, this alarm clock literally has you running around your bedroom trying to turn it off.

Wireless LED Light Bulbs


Use your smartphone to control your home’s lighting system.


Use your smartphone to control your home’s lighting system, while saving on energy costs at the same time. Also becoming more popular are solar powered LED lighting for the outside of your home.


This technology also saves you money and can get your room to the perfect temperature during cold weather.

Smart Faucet

This home technology is ideal for the disabled, elderly or a household with children and can save up to 15,000 gallons of water each year while helping the environment.

Wireless Speakers

Your smartphone can control these speakers, giving you great sound quality and access to streaming music. Sony has two useful gadgets to help you listen to music and a range of other applications – the SmartWatch and the Eclipse, which uses photovoltaic cells to recharge.

Book Light

This lightweight LED book light is perfect for home or traveling, and features adjustable brightness and viewing angles.

Z-Wave Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Monitor your doors remotely with your phone, and check they are all locked, even when you aren’t home. Motion sensor power strips can be a useful addition too, as they detect movement around your home.

Thermal Leak Detector

Save up to 20 percent on your energy bills by detecting leaks and fixing them, whether in your car, fridge or around the windows.

Shower Meter

Save money and up to 8,500 liters of water each year by monitoring your shower water usage.

Body Analyzer

body analyzer

Analyze your blood pressure, glucose and more. Use it anywhere.


It looks like a regular scale, but the Withings Smart Body Analyzer can analyze your heart rate, air quality, body fat numbers and more.

Reusable Dryer Ball

Yes, they can be reused and will lower your average drying time by up to 25 percent.

LG ThinQ Refrigerator

Keep a food inventory using an app on your smartphone with the large capacity LG ThinQ Refrigerator.

Home Elevators

Install an elevator in your house for your convenience. You may refer to West Coast Elevator to choose your design that fits your house.

In the Kitchen

The Eco Dish Cleaner actually converts waste food particles on your dishes into plant compost by using ultrasonic waves, while the OneBowl makes cooking and straining much easier with its integrated strainer.

Air Purifier

To maintain the right humidity levels in your home, car or office, the Ecomgear is perfect and can be taken anywhere.